Is That What You Think?

from by KeyboardRodent

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Yeah, it's me
This can't be;
I thought I had checked with you

Miss Hard Shell
Go to hell
I don't want what you have to say

No, I'm not me
just 'cause you
told me that it would be okay with you and

I don't need
your advice on how to
be more like you
I don't like you and
why the fuck would I?

I just need your words
to wash over me
and tell me I'm good enough to live as long as
I don't stand out from
what you see as yourself
Is that what you think?

Yeah, it's me
that you see
I'm right here, even though you

want me here
Have no fear,
You're not what decides if

I stay myself
even if I'm something that you don't like and
if you step down from your pedestal,
there's a whole world out there

I just need your heart
to agree with mine
and make sure that nothing but yourself is out there
I keep telling you
I only wish you approved
Is that what you think?

I so want to know
why it bothers you
that I like art with anthropomorphic characters
If only I could fix
whatever you want me to
Is that what you think?

If only you could know
how big a shit I give
about your fetish for making people think like you do
Maybe one day I'll
find a way to your heart
Is that what you think?


from Anti​-​Cat Agenda, released October 1, 2011




KeyboardRodent New York, New York

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