Letters of Frequency

from by KeyboardRodent

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Walking quickly down a hallway, I glance to my left and smile
When I forget what I should say, take some time and take a while
to make idle chit-chat with the woman at the counter, making
also idle chit-chat with the man who sells hot dogs out front

Sometimes, I can't tell the difference
between myself and my selfish self
I can't tell what I'm doing, would it
kill to help me out?

I don't know what someone told you, but I do not know your name
Why would I say that if it's not true? I'm too sick to play this game
I don't know why you do this to me, I just want to be your friend
I don't have luck and nothing's easy; tell me when this day will end

Could you tip the waitress for me? I don't have any small bills
I don't know, just ask someone. I can't solve the world's ills
Take a book out, just pay later; late fees are just made for chumps
This nice living could be greater, life is nicer without bumps

I don't know why you're so mean,
it's not like you're sick or dead
Is it hard to hold in a scream?
Is it hard to rest your head?

I don't like this pasta sauce, I think it makes me hear a voice
A voice that's lost, a voice that's scared, a voice that sounds just like a noise
No, I think the medication is just what's making it worse
I've had enough instrumentation, what I need now is perverse

I'm as important as you are to me
my letters of frequency

I own everything you see
my sweet letters of frequency


from Anti​-​Cat Agenda, released October 1, 2011




KeyboardRodent New York, New York

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