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Fear, whiskers, and eyes
Scared and frail
The sound his ears so despise
A twitch of the tail
A gasp, he pauses
and soon, he knows what's there

A whimper brewing in his lungs
A plea on the tip of his tongue

Run from noises, that's my technique
She's out there waiting, quiet, don't speak
She's waiting for me, she knows that I'm weak
Terrified of what she'll do to...

Heart beating out of his chest
Someone stop that sound
Sweet, I'm sure she'll attest
If he does get found
He knows her species
And what she's going to say

Her confidence, the tone in her voice so sneer
He listens as he chokes back a tear

Someone help me, the future looks bleak
Surely I'm not the prey that she seeks
I know she's out there, but I'll just take a peak
When I see her grin...

Her face lights up as she hears a shriek
Her blood starts flowing, the feeling unique
'Run' becomes the new word of the week
When she makes her move...

(Run, run! Run, little squirrel, run! Run, run, run, run! Run for your life...)


from Anti​-​Cat Agenda, released October 1, 2011




KeyboardRodent New York, New York

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